Reusable Pixels

Web/Mobile Design

I recieved my Bachelors degree in Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and use that knowledge when developing websites, logos, and other layouts.

Color of Guilt

Color of Guilt

A paralax style website for three perspectives on the issues of race relations and the disproportionate number of minorities in jail.

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About Face

About Face Main Page

This was originally an interactive CD created with Macromedia Director over 10 years ago. This project was a complete rebuild while keeping as much of the original layout and functionality as possible using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery so that it could be put on a CD, a Thumb Drive, or on any Web Server.

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Jeff Shaara

Jeff Shaara Home Page

This was taking an existing layout and making it responsive and usable by standard browsers as well as mobile and tablet devices.

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Cook & Associates

Cook PEP Home Page

This was taking the layout created by another designer and making it responsive and usable by standard browsers as well as mobile and tablet devices.

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AFA Guide

AFA Guide screen shots

This native iOS application was developed to be a companion piece to a printed guide as well as a stand-alone app. It provides information and resources on how to assist people with access and functional needs including people with disabilities during emergency or disaster incidents. The Access for All (AFA) Guide is for people serving the community in any capacity and who need to quickly familiarize themselves with how to safely assist people with access and functional needs and disabilities. This app is especially helpful for emergency or first responders, health care workers, non-profit service organizations, and/or non-government organization (NGO) workers.

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Copenhagen Imports

Copenhagen Imports

This was taking the layout created by another designer and making it responsive and usable by standard browsers as well as mobile devices. Some of the features include a slideshow, a random image display, and videos that work on all devices as well.

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Angelika Art

Angelika Art Home Page

This is a complete design/build project for a tattooist, model, and artist, so she can highlight her work in those three areas. An easy to use admin tool was created so that she can upload images for the galleries from any web browser or mobile device, that also includes a tool to set the crop areas. It will eventually have a similar web tool to administrate the retail area.

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Project and Course Database

AT Database Screen

This is a custom database for the Academic Technology department at PHSC. Adding, editing, deleting, sorting, and viewing all content through a web interface. New sections are added or existing sections updated based on feedback from the users. It was designed to have the same look and feel to thier department site that uses Wordpress.

Mobile Hurricane Web App

Mobile Hurricane Web App Checklist Screen

The mobile hurricane Web App was developed to provide residents of Pinellas County, Florida, with a dynamic Web application that can be used before, during, and after a hurricane. This app gives residents a one-stop tool on their mobile device that provides all the necessary information to prepare for, weather, and recover from a hurricane.

Using forms and drop-downs, Mobile Hurricane Web app users answer questions about home occupancy, special needs requirements, pets, and evacuation zones to assemble a personalized profile that guides them in preparing their disaster kit and emergency plan. The web app lets users know what to do at each stage of the process: prior to hurricane season, as the storm approaches, during the storm, and afterward. Relevant news feeds applicable to an approaching storm are available, both on a national and local level, including an RSS feed from the National Hurricane Center and a Twitter feed from Pinellas County EM.

View the most recent version of the Mobile Hurricane Web App from any of the platforms/browsers listed above.

Career Pathways Website

Career Pathways Home Page

The Career Pathways Adult Education Program offline/standalone website was designed to look and feel like the online website, but work without the need for it to exist on a web server.

The Adult Education Program offers courses in Mathematics, Language Arts Reading, Language Arts Writing, Science, and Social Studies. Each lesson operates as a slideshow to keep the amount of information provided from overwhelming the user. At the end of eash lesson is a quiz where the possible answers are presented in a random order, and upon successful completion, the user is presented with a list of the questions they answered correctly and a certificate that they can save as a JPG or print out.

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AS3 Flash Video Chat

Flash Video Chat

A live chat element that was specifically made for an online speach class that uses a Flash Media Server. It supports up to five simultanious video feeds and many more for text chat and just viewing. Once in the chat, you are given a log file for all of the chat text that day. This is done in case someone enters late to a scheduled chat and gives them a chance to see what has already been discussed. The chat log for each day is also stored on the server so it can be posted afterwards for everyone to read/review if needed. When a user is logged in as an admin, there is a "kick" feature so that they may kick out any user.