Reusable Pixels


Steve VeloffMy passion for seeing the world around me through the lens of a camera and on the screen of a computer led me to an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design and a graduate degree in Fine Arts. Through my education, I realized I could explore both the logical and creative side of art. The logical programming and scripting piece was combined with the visual page layout and design to compliment each other in way that spoke to my artistic process. Approaching web development from both angles allowed me to better visualize what other programmers/coders wanted and how that fit into the layouts that other designers created.

I continue to strive to build the skills acquired during my time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My portfolio has grown to encompass web design/development, web programming, database development, and mobile web programming. Working as a freelance Web Developer and in my professional career as an Instructional Technology Analyst, I've been able to keep up with current technologies and best practices in the field of web standards. I have come to understand the importance of designing for more than one browser or platform and how to incorporate accessibility/usability into all sites developed. My experiences have helped me realistically look at the client's needs and then determine what is truly possible.

Steve VeloffTo balance out the time spent at a desk, I am constantly preparing for the next mud run. So far I've done several Tough Mudders, Highlanders, Savage Races, and few others. I'm part of Team Gang Green, which is a small group of novice mud runners that do not take themselves too seriously, emphasizes having fun, promote teamwork, and don't care about the time of completion but rather the appreciation of the challenge.